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Music with Heart & Soul

Sing it, Feel it, Live it, Love it

Daniel Evans is a singer, songwriter & producer originally from East London

now based in Catalunya, Spain. 

In the summer months Daniel can be seen performing solo live shows from Tarragona 

down to Castellon

Daniel is now mainly songwriting and producing for other artists from all over the world.


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The debut album, No Easy Way.

A collection of covers that he had arranged and co-produced totally independently. With an old school soulful sound and some big productions, Daniel was quoted as saying, he wanted to "bring back some old style, heartfelt, emotional music with heart and soul".

And the glowing reviews for his debut album has shown he has indeed done just that!!


Reviews: (Amazon/iTunes)
Awesome depth to the music, real feeling in the vocals and a great quality sound. Fabulous musical backing make this a real pleasure to listen too…” 

“When you bear in mind that this album was self-produced, without the help of a record company, and on a tight budget, then it really hammers home what an incredible talent Dan is on every musical level. From the unique and stunning arrangements he’s created, to the man’s hauntingly beautiful voice, Dan has delivered a truly remarkable collection of emotional, inspirational and uplifting songs…” 

"An amazing collection of real songs, real music for those of us that still appreciate it!  
If your only experience of Daniel Evans is through the XFactor, you owe it to yourself to give this album a listen...." 

“This is without doubt a magnificent collection of songs sang beautifully by a man with a massively talented voice. Daniel takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions from start to finish…”


Daniel went on to arrange and self produce a further 5 albums, 4 EP's and 10 singles completely independently which are now available to stream worldwide on most major streaming services.

He has also written/co-wrote 12+ songs for other artists.

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