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Live Music!

Daniel can provide a solo show for your bar, restaurant or special event for up to 200 people. 

Specialising in classic soul, rock, pop and disco using his own self produced backing tracks. From the 50's until today, with a focus on quality sound, Daniel will get the crowd signing and dancing along! 

There is no party quite like a Daniel Evans party.

See below for more!!

More info

Totally adaptable

Not everybody likes the same music.

Although we do try to provide a total mix of classic hits so that there is something for everyone,

if you want a more mellow sound, or different style, for a wedding or dinner, please ask,

We can adapt the music for what you need. 

Quality Sound

No-one wants to hear distortion or feedback. You want to be able to hear every word, every beat, every emotion 
in a song.

We provide a quality sound system for your venue.

No muffled bass or ear piercing treble.

With over 30 years experience,

we know good sound.

The Music

Soul music infused with pop, rock and disco

from the 60's till today. 

90% of Daniel's music is self produced at his own music studio in Catalunya.

This not only allows him to focus on the best possible sound quality but also blend them with the piano he uses on stage, seamlessly.

Providing that big band sound but in a solo performance.

1 hour required to set up using our own equipment.

The Piano

As well as the best possible quality backing,

Daniel plays piano to blend the live performance

into the tracks.

But should you require a piano only set, this can also be arranged.

Perfect for those pre-wedding cocktails!

The Prices

No surprises, no agents, no bartering, no wrangling. *1 price for every client. Summer or winter.

2 hours of quality music.

150 euros. That's it! (*not including fiestas and public holidays)

Daniel Evans xfactor




"It is very rare to find an artist that is so professional and courteous and wants to know exactly what the client needs.
And then when he performs, he has a voice of gold!

Amazingly versatile and can not only get guests singing along with his charm and charisma, he will also get them dancing later too.

The ballads are truly stunning. But then when he plays the party music, everyone gets pulled along for the ride.

I cannot recommend Daniel enough." 

Camping Alegria, Benicarlo

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